Brave – The underdog of browsing

“What we now call the browser is whatever defines the web. What fits in the browser is the World Wide Web and a number of trivial standards to handle that so that the content comes.” –

Ted Nelson

It’s common in this day and age to use a web browser more than any other application. Being efficient, private and secure is one thing that craves’s the attention of the human brain. I’ve been switching back and forth many browsers throughout my teens and then one day out of the blue I’ve discovered Brave!.

With mixed bag feeling, I hesitated at first and then tried it out, it was similar and different from Chromium (Opensource Fork of Chrome), my Ex, and Firefox, my helper friend, in many many ways. Even though brave is built on top of chromium (Webkit on IOS though), it has inherited few good traits from privacy-oriented Firefox plus more super cool options as well.


  • Ad blocking
  • Close to zero data selling
  • Phishing protection
  • Malware protection
  • Malvertising protection
  • Per-site Shield settings
  • Built in torrent client
  • Built in tor connection
  • Block Trackers
  • Get paid for viewing Ads.
  • Built-in Crypto Wallets
  • Faster browsing (Better than chrome and firefox)
  • Ram usage (Better than chrome and firefox)
  • IPFS – downloading large files more decentralised.
  • Block social media content embedded on other websites
  • Secure sync
  • Opensource
  • Cross Platform


  • Uses Brave sync and no Google sync/password manager (I use an opensource password manager – Bitwarden)
  • The brave shield could break parts of some websites.
  • Not the best android browser out there.
  • The reward program is not very clear at the start.

There many tweaks here and there, So instead of me talking, just give brave a shot at:

Happy Browsing.

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