Add Me to Google Search Latest | How to Create Your Virtual Google Card 2020

Google has launched a new feature for personal profile cards on Google Search which is known as “Add Me to Search. It is now only available for India. It is a type of virtual visiting card. This can be seen publicly by other users who search for you then they will see your virtual people card. This initiative targets all users including Provisionals, Techy, Developers, Entrepreneurs, etc. who requires a strong online presence and publicity.

Create your people card

On your mobile device, go to, or open the Google Search app .

Search for yourself.


SearchAdd Me to Googleor to edit Edit my people card

At the top of the search results, you’ll find the option to add yourself to Google Search. “Tap Get started”.

Then Fill out all the information that you want to share publicly on your card. were These fields are required:
At the bottom, tap Preview.
If you’re satisfied with your card privewed,then tap Submit.

How to search for people on Google

If you only have a desktop and really just want to use this feature, then you have to do a simple life hack you can follow Use Toggle Device Bar in your browser (ctl+shift+m ) and then follow the above steps.

Remove your people card

  1. visit
  2. Log in with your Google Account which used to create Peoples card.
  3. Search for ‘edit my people card
  4. Now tap Remove my search card from Google.

just type his/her name on google and search when you search for people on Google, you can find more relevant information about them. Currently, this feature is only available in India for users

Important Notes

Very important Google doesn’t guarantee that your card will show up on Google Search which means it may or may not show. The more info you provide in your card, the more likely it will show up in Google Search results.

Currently, This feature is available only for users in India who have set their language to English. And its isn’t available yet on desktop you can use this feature only via mobile.

Guidelines for your people card / Virtual Card

  • Only include information about yourself up to date
  • Generate your people card with suggestions for fields such as “hometown” or “profession
  • Should be a true representation of who you are and what you do
  • Should not contain solicitation or other forms of advertisement
  • Must not in any way promote, incite, or support hate, violence, or unlawful behavior include negative, derogatory, or comparative statements about other individuals, groups, events, or issues.
  • Must respect the rights of others, including intellectual property and privacy rights

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